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5 cool ideas for great columns for writing in-house magazines:

How many times have you passed by one of your colleagues thinking how interesting it would be to know who they really are; What is that special necklace that she wears? What is that strange tattoo peeking from under his sleeve? Is it true that she wrote a book?

Part of the target of the employee magazine, is to deepen the relationship between employees, create a dialogue, and develop a workplace that is more than just work...

Spice up the organization's internal newspaper by columns emphasizing on the personal aspect of the workers.

Here are five cool ideas to do just that:

A day in the Life of (employee name) or 24 hours with (employee name).

כתיבת עיתון עובדים

Ask a busy employee to give a description of his day, hour after hour.

Ask him to "cheat" and insert funny anecdotes, not necessarily from that same day… (-:

A Cool hobby (you can add videos or music).

כתיבת מגזין עובדים

Let creative employees, who in their spare time, write books, paint, win contests on their mountain bike, surf board or kite, show the exciting part of their lives.

Good deeds payoff!

כתיבת מגזין פנים ארגוני

Encourage employees to give credit, and tell something good about a coworker; a good deed, a success story, or any progress they made.

Team spotlight

It is always good to give attention to a team, accomplishing exceptional work. It adds motivation and creates positive competition.

Let the team manager write about them, and publish photos or videos of the team in action.

Look at this cool video!

Create a video column. Post some videos created by employees. Anything from funny cats to an emotional family story.

As a final tip for now: add 3-5 "things you did not know about (the employee's name)" to all articles.

Good Luck!

Contact me for any question.

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