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About Meni Stern

My clients need a magazine that will connect their employees to the company.

It must increase company pride, serve as a platform for updating employee achievements, and transfer its goals and objectives.
They want the product at the highest level, well designed, and optimized for print and web.




My name is Meni Stern and I am an expert in producing corporate communications. I am a graduate of graphic design at WIZO Haifa College, have a BSc in business and management from Mercy university, NY, and I am in contact with leading companies.

With many years of experience in corporate communications, I have an answer to various challenges of the organizations I work with, as you will see in my rich portfolio that includes mostly large firms and global companies.

I do this by creating impressive employee newspapers, in-house organizational campaigns, company history books, with solutions for print and web.


I'd love to meet you!



My Goal


To lead the internal organizational transition from printed newspapers, to Internet newspapers that look great.


I believe that good internal brand communications provide employees a solid sense of corporate values and belonging.

Give me a call at 972-507-528444

or email me:


Meni Stern
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