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* An asterisk addition, when the recommending person is no longer part of the organization mentioned

Moti Fayerman

Electra, VP HR

​Meni's benefit is giving a connection between text and content. Meni helps us tailor the content to the target audience in terms of visibility, create the connections between the visual content and gives us guidance with the goals we have set for the project. All this is done while maintaining flexibility and adaptability to our needs as a customer. In addition, he brings new ideas and examples. Meni's benefit as a supplier is service; in terms of final product quality, availability throughout the project, meeting deadlines (even if they are tight) and patience.

Ella Konkis

Shicun & Binuy, Spokeswoman

Meni Stern is a professional, committed to the client, creating additional benefit of collaboration. He contributes advanced design, adapts it well to the purposes of any production. In addition, he is a full partner in thinking about all production needs, and has a large part of the excellent outcomes.

Meni knows about working with an organization where many changes are required throughout the project. He brings with him extensive knowledge and experience, which contributes to our joint work and pleasure.

Hila Ephrati Halper

Delta, Internal Communication manager

Your value is your professionalism.

It is clear in the in-house magazine design. You constantly upgrade it. Your experience combined with the understanding of the brand language of Delta, brought us to a design fit for a fashion firm.

Avi Robison

*Nilit, VP HR

I worked with Meni Stern since 1998, in organizations where I worked: Teva pharmaceuticals, Keter and now Nilit. Meni's work is professional and accurate . Meni works with great determination while giving a sense of relaxation and thereby helps the organization achieve its timeframe. Meni experience with many organizations and new ideas help us with our internal communications. I strongly recommend working with him.

Joseph Gal


Meni's added value for me is understanding the customer's needs, on the one hand and providing ideas, on the other. If we add to this the professionalism and meeting the schedule, a high quality and excellent final product is obtained.

Doron Myersdorf, Ph.D

StoreDot, CEO and Founder

​We asked Meni Stern to design our brand, from logo to website. The result exceeded our expectations. We thank Meni for his dedicated and professional service, always given with a smile and a desire to overcome any challenge. We found a loyal partner, in the ever-changing needs, over time. We are proud of the result. We recommended and will recommend working with Meni to friends and colleagues.

John Fallon

Made in Italy Motorcycles

​Stern Visual Communications gave a fantastic service from start to finish, with no end of guidance and direction towards a finished product that I couldn’t be happier with.

Thanks Meni

Hila Hadar

*Teva, HR manager

​I worked with Meni Stern as part of my responsibility for the production of the employee's newspaper of Teva in Israel for 4 years. The newspaper went to 7000 Teva employees. Meni was a partner along the way, made sure we got the best editor, and was responsible for the flawless production. He was part of the editorial staff.

Later on, we created a Web format – contributing to environmental awareness and further to employees.


For four years we have produced four newspapers every year, never missed a deadline, and created a need to be involved in it. Meni was a key anchor of this success.


* Hila Hadar: Human Resources Business.

Efrat Sivan

BTG, Organizational development and welfare manager

​Bio Technology General is a pharma company.

I know Meni from my previous position, and engaged him to help in us rebrand our company values. Meni helped us patiently in a long process in which we tried to figure out what is the best way to present the company's values ​​and refresh them. Meni brought considerable experience and creative thinking. Meni always ads a pleasant atmosphere and creativity to the project.

Liat Masad

*Strauss, HR

​Meni is an active partner, open minded and creative. We had great sessions of joint thinking and collaboration resolving with great solutions. I enjoyed working with Meni.



* Liat Masad: Counselor at AKT

Gavin Suss


Meni Stern has shown his expertise as an expert in media consulting and visual communication for Keter Plastic Group.

Throughout our collaborative work, Meni initiated, developed and led significant processes that contributed greatly to the organization, emphasizing on Keter's important values. One of the most prominent projects he led was the production of a quarterly employee magazine in thousands of printed copies, plus digital versions.

I gladly recommend Meni, as a pleasant professional who knows how to translate an abstract vision into an actual product.

Yigal Hamish

*Bezeq, knowledge manager

​My acquaintance with Meni goes back many years.

I was in the process of knowledge management and organizational learning, in engineering division of Bezeq. I was editor of an in-house technology magazine, distributed to thousands of managers, engineers, technicians and employees in the company.

Meni's Flexibility and creativity helped me make this magazine a success.

It is great to have such a major player in your team!


* Yigal Hamish, knowledge management.

Dudu Ivri

*Tali Grapes, CEO

​We worked with in creating the "Hagada" of Lachish. It was important to connect with the spirit of the place to get the right product. Meni spent time to understand the concept, and was involved with the people, to create the right product.

The "Hagada" was professional and polished. Work was fun. Successfully!


* Dudu Ivri, today a winegrower

Michal Simoni

*Teva, HR

​Meni worked on various projects for the Human Resources Department Operations Division of "Teva". One of them was an employee's newspaper. Meni was totally committed from start to finish. The  Quality standards, service and result, were to our complete satisfaction.

A true professional!!


* Michal Schwartz Simon, Architecture and Interior Design

Neri Shotan

*Leovda U Leshomra, Manager

Meni was involved from the beginning  and understood the concept.

Starting with the sketches of our website until the finish, Meni did not compromise for less than the best.

Good to know that you can still find genuine and authentic combination of professionalism, and companionship

I will recommend Meni any chance I get.

Yael Frimer


Meni designed and produced my website after a period in which I studied, understood, tried, succeeded and established a business that concentrates in my abilities and my dreams!


Meni accompanied me from the stage of characterization, design and production of the site, with an easy blog, which will promote me in the search engines.

Thanks Meni




Yael Frimer


Ralph Anzarouth

RSIP Vision

Even the most dedicated professionals make little mistakes.

Meni Stern is the man who helps you avoid even those ones.

This is an informal message I wrote to Meni days ago, after his latest work:

Meni, as usual, thanks to you it came out perfect:

It was another great success, people adored our magazine.

Todah! You are so helpful, professional and kind...

Meni Stern
מני שטרן


33 Gefen St., Moshav Lachish, Israel 79360000
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