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How to compliment your employees in three steps

It's always good to be kind. In order to intensify the action, and improve internal communications, it is worthwhile to make it public. When you need to compliment your employees, there is a huge advantage to the publication of their names and work among all employees of the organization. Here is one idea in three steps to empower employees.

Announce a photo contest

  • It is possible to give a free subject or a variety of other subjects, for more focus.

  • Make sure all the photos you got, appear on the organizational portal and, if possible, on posters, rollups and plasma screens.

Internal employee desktop calendar

Sort and determine the best photographs

Make sure these are high-resolution source images

Create a table calendar:

Select the 15 photos that appear

Be sure to keep it stylish, print on fine paper, and use a thick stand.

Hand it over on a special occasion, during the distribution of gifts, for example, so that each employee receives a calendar, and you can give recognition to the photographers.

Other practical ideas can be a cookbook with employee recipes, or lectures about their special private occupations. Incorporate it into a newsletter or an accessible digital media.

Visit my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

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