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3 tips for designing an exhibition stand that will stand out

דוכן תערוכה מנצח

I believe that your entire exhibition stand should be treated as a single unit, just as a poster is used to convey one key message, one important idea that summarizes the product or service you provide. The decision to participate in the exhibition requires a considerable financial investment. Sometimes the necessary visual solutions are often postponed to the last minute, so pay attention to these 3 tips.

Your Message

Strong, clear and short

Write the message in the shortest way. The exhibition floor is flooded with information and participants do not read long and detailed headlines.

Utilization of the stand

The space you have purchased should be utilized for maximum visibility.

You will usually receive a number of printable boards. Treat them as one surface. The effect on those watching from outside the stand will be more impressive and appealing.

The message hierarchy

Submit the messages according to their importance stages:

Title: Make sure it will be seen from a distance.

Your company logo / name: Make sure that the connection between the message and the company will be clear. Let the audience know who is responsible for the stand.

Image: Large, appealing, but does not have to tell the whole story.

The explanatory text: This is secondary and should be accessible but not interfere with the main message. Here you can add various details that will interest those who come close.

In the image: A sketch of what the UPPro booth. The challenge was to make full use of the uneven surface, to give an appealing atmosphere, and to make sure that the messages were visible from every direction.

In this visualization a look from another direction.

We then prepared an opening for the video and uploaded it to YouTube - well done to UPPro. Enjoy!

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