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A challenging name calls for a creative branding solution

מיתוג עם שם מאתגר

Carrar is a start-up company that is planning a world-class revolution for electric vehicle battery cooling.

The major manufacturers in the automotive world all develop wonderful electric vehicles but the biggest challenge today is charging time.

EV Manufacturers' greatest challenge today, is to reduce the charging time from about 30 minutes to about five minutes, like any combustion chamber car.

Carrar has developed advanced technological solutions, and is recruiting investors to turn it's development into a product.

Our mission is to brand the company and develop the website.

The challenge:

Part of our challenge was the name of the company. Try saying Carrar. Lot's of R's.

However, the company name combines the word CAR, with the well-known reduction application, rar, and of course, nobody was going to change that.

The solution:

A design that reduces R's by creating an interesting combination between a small r and a large R.

Using the colors red (Heat) with blue (Cold) completes the sensory experience.

Using a compact format will suit the location on the website, and in any format, including monochromatic embossing on products.

For more on this, please contact Meni


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