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Three tips to promote your newsletter

Three tips to promote your newsletter

I really enjoy designing StoreDot's newsletter. Their content world abounds in electric cars, that are shiny and vibrant. For StoreDot, it is important to inform the global car market about their amazing development, for charging electric car batteries. The newsletter we produce reaches more and more influential people in this field, marketers and of course investors.

Here are three things you need to do in order for your newsletter to succeed.

1] Newsletter Cover – your key for more clicks

The newsletter Cover is the gateway to viewers' attention. The potential audience must be intrigued with interesting visual content that will draw attention.

Visual choice: Create a stunning visual. True, cars and food are wonderfully photographed but say you are dealing in office equipment, just add male and female models, who will catch the eye and emphasize the quality of the product.

Text in the image: It is important to add text to the title page, this is what you see when the post is published on social networks.

In this image: Some of the Covers we upload weekly to StoreDot's professional newsletter

StoreDot's professional newsletter

2] Content

After you have attracted the attention of the audience, you must provide content that interests them. The purpose of the newsletter will affect the content.

Short and concise writing will allow viewers to know quickly with a worthwhile click on the article to delve deeper.

3] Promotion

Without promotion, you will not be able to expand your audience.

A minimum action that is suitable for any business is to promote the newsletter on social media. Link it to your site.

Larger companies should create PR events. This will win a substantial amount of visits to your website. Many more people will sign up to get more from you.

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