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Four reasons to promote an online employee magazine on Facebook

Four reasons to promote an online employee magazine on Facebook

An employee newspaper, also called an internal magazine, a company newspaper, or an employee magazine, is perceived as an internal event for the organization's employees only. Most companies that distribute such a newspaper even fear that the information may "leak" outside.

A successful corporate magazine is the opposite. An employee newspaper is a marketing event. Also inwardly in strengthening employer branding, but also outwardly.

Here are four reasons to promote an internal corporate magazine on social media


In the employees' newspaper, we emphasize the benefits of the organization. Terms of employment, joyful events such as parties, holiday celebrations, outstanding employee events and much more. I mentioned to more than one client that when I edit their news - I feel like joining the firm myself.

A positive employee newspaper is a constant recruitment ad that should be utilized by broadcasting it to the public.

Pride - From the Out to the Inside:

"Hey man - I saw on Facebook that you are constantly celebrating."

Employees receive a great deal of information about the benefits of the workplace and it sometimes feel too obvious. Promoting the company's internal corporate newspaper to the public, will lead to recognition from family members and friends, that the employee is in a worthy working place, and will increase the employee's pride.

Outward openness and PR

There is no need to be afraid of being exposed to the press. Write with public relations in mind. Interesting information about how your organization contributes to the community and helps the needy, creates an improved PR. Film your community activities by the employees and upload it to YouTube.


Most organizations manufacture a product or provide a service. An employee' Magazine is rightly perceived as a reliable source of information. Use it to give customers a little "behind the scenes". Show meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, emphasis on service and more. Post interviews with satisfied customers. Everything you want all employees to know is also important to your customers.

Editing Design and photography must receive professional care.

Contact me and we can create a newspaper that will serve you both internally and externally.

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