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Branding StoreDot - how to brand a company that upgrades the future

Stordot changes the way we will travel in electric vehicles.

We are pleased to lead the branding process. As StoreDot's battery development progresses, there is a need to develop and upgrade the brand.

We started by creating a dynamic and flowing website. The photo we first used was from an image bank.

It was recently clear that we needed a line of images that would better reflect the strength of the product - a battery that charges in five minutes.

We recruited the talented industrial designer David Sosanowski and began to work on a representative vehicle to suit the task. We defined the "Look and Feel" goals together with a team from StoreDot. See some of the options we had:

We chose one out of these nice options. It was a hard pick...

In the end of the process, we found the best line that suits the design of the website.

Since then we rebranded again, and you will find it here >>

David is working on an upgrade to the cellular product as well. Soon on the website

For more on this, please contact Meni


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