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Company storybook you must have!

ספר היסטורי בכריכה קשה

Your Company has a story to tell, and a wonderful future.

It is time to create a historical book for your organization that will tell your special story, will be a source of pride for all the employees, and will mark the path to the future.

How to write a company book?

These three elements are necessary:

  1. A Contact representative that knows well the persona and the company atmosphere. If you are that person, call us for any question!

  2. Excellent editing. We will make sure you get the best.

  3. Quality design. We know firms and organizations, and we know what they need. We are experienced in high quality print productions.

Customer Story Project: (See English link to the book >>)

Customer: Teva pharmaceuticals. The largest generic pharmaceutical firm in the world.

Book title: Health, Made in Kfar-Saba - from 1980 to this today

At the end of 2015, Ofra Ashkenazi, a Teva "old timer" called us for a special project: telling the story of Teva's plant in Kfar-Saba. The story interweaves the work of founder Eli Hurvitz, with the story of the plant in the city of Kfar-Saba, and the launching and production of numerous medicines, amongst them, the most profitable one in the pharmaceutical industry, the Copaxone.

Hava from Copyhouse, took the editing and writing and we went to work.

Ofra worked tirelessly to find historical materials and pieces of information.

Hava and I decided that the five values ​​of the company, will serve as the book's five chapters, and so the story were poured into the book in a way that shows the streghth and vivid nature of the firm.

ספר היסטורי לאירגון

▲ Table of Contents

The book is not chronological, but deals with the story of Teva and its culture, and thus, the book is about future as well as the past.

ספר היסטורי לחברה

▲ One of the openers, hinting the values ​​colors

סיפור חברה

▲ cover page for each value

ספר היסטורי לעובדי טבע

And many more interesting pages.

Please get back to me with any question.

Meni Stern


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