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Internal Communications in Chinese?

translating your Internal employee magazine

Here are 3 Facts About translating your Internal employee magazine into many languages!

Chinese Lantern Festival is celebrated on the 15th of the first lunar month of the year, and the Chinese tend to overeat the "Yuanxiao", a full moon shaped delicatessen. It is a symbol of happiness and family unity. How do Nilit's (A global firm) American employees know about it? They saw the images of their friends on "Niliton", the organization's internal newspaper that is translated to seven languages!

1st fact:

It is important to communicate in all languages.

  • Publishing a Monthly newsletter in several languages, gives you an opportunity to improve internal communications, raise awareness of the brand and the spirit of the company, its products, and services.

  • This is especially important for new employees who need to get to know the company's processes and procedures.

  • Translating the Internal Magazine is an effective business communication tool to update employees on the latest developments and procedures.

  • Remember: Any person prefers to read his own language!

2nd fact:

As the internal magazine editor, you must make sure to proof and get approval of the magazine, before beginning the translation process.

  • Write it in the language that approving personnel use.

  • Only then, start the translating procedure. Your ability to make changes from here on is limited.

3rd fact:

It is crucial to translate the Internal Magazine by professional translators only!

  • Always choose Credited and recommended translators.

  • Make sure they have done this with the needed language.

  • Time is of essence. An up to date translated internal magazine will add credibility to your firm.

From now on, say "Internal Communications" in Chinese:

室内 通信

(Shìnèi tōngxìn)

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