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A wining combo: Newsletter and Inernet Magazine

A wining combo: Newsletter and Inernet Magazine

Clients ask me if the organization's internal magazine or the firm's marketing magazine can be sent as a newsletter. The answer is “yes” - but we need to make sure we know the difference between a digital newsletter, and an internet magazine.

The newsletter

The newsletter is an excellent digital format for short articles and brief news, or for abstracts that link the reader to the full article on our internal internet magazine, or on other websites.


  • Time: Very easy to produce

  • The newsletter is sent to recipients via email. It opens within the email, and you can see it live with photos, just as it was prepared.

  • If there is a problem seeing all the pictures in the email format, you always have a link that allows you to open the newsletter in a browser. You can also send that link directly to your recipients by email, WhatsUp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, etc.


  • Email programs like, Gmail, identify the content as marketing material, and place the email under the "Promotions" tab, which most recipients don’t bother to open.

  • Recipients must define the newsletter sender as a contact in order for the message to reach the main Inbox.

  • After the newsletter is sent out, it’s usually not possible to make a correction.

Check out this interesting weekly newsletter, which I produce with the help of hardworking editor Dan Bloom, for StoreDot. Like us, you may find this news exciting, too >>

In the image: UPPRO's short newsletter, used as an in-house employee newspaper, to share with employees scattered across multiple sites around the world.

UPPRO's short newsletter, used as an in-house employee newspaper,

Company Internet Magazine

A Company Internet Magazine is a website with news and articles, videos, questionnaires, galleries, and more.


  • You can add special pages for outstanding employees or salespeople, recipe books, and so much more. You can promote your Internet newspaper by... Correct: A Newsletter with article abstracts to be sent to recipients via email. The site can be updated at any time. This is significant in case corrections or changes are desired.

  • Using Data Base (professionally adding data input): For example Showcase outstanding employees and getting personal pages effortlessly. Creating "Our Team" pages and receiving a personal page for each employee / manager. Create online surveys effortlessly. Creating photo competitions effortlessly.

  • An Internet newspaper can also promote hiring, and branding

  • and more


  • The obvious disadvantage of any website - it must compete with messages from countless other sites.

  • Make sure your messages are important and interesting to the recipients.

  • Make sure to create involvement and incentives.

  • Operating the site requires skill in handling images and editing in order to get the best results. The same is true for any other in-house app.

  • Because an Internet newspaper can be used to promote hiring, make sure the messages are set according to company policy.

In the photo, the Shufersal Employees' Web magazine, optimized for mobile.

The Combo:

Newsletter and online magazine integration:

The obvious winning combination is producing a newsletter with short news or expandable links, backed up with an Internet newspaper website, where we design the articles, outstanding pages, questionnaires, surveys, information sheets, and more.

Large companies may also add a limited edition of a printed employee newspaper to help promote specific topics.

  • The newsletter is a solution for a quick response to things that are happening right now, while in the web magazine displays longer articles, rich photo galleries, and more.

  • In the web magazine we display

  • outstanding employees, clients or vendors, and give them a personal page.

  • results of photo competitions.

Contact me with any questions and to get a quote for creating an online newspaper that is right for you.

For more on this, please contact Meni


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