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In-house magazine editorial staff: 9 tips for you.

online Internal employee magazine

Congratulation! You have joined the editorial staff of the In-house Magazine.

It is your responsibility to gather some articles, both text and images. Here are nine tips to help you with your task.


Most In-house magazines have editorial professionals to assist with rewriting text, however, you are the one that needs to find and filter text received from various people in the firm. These will be your "Journalists".

In-house magazine writing

  1. Your "Journalists" will hand over raw text that has to be managed by the professional editor. Tip: find those who enjoy writing and they will help you create original articles and sections for In-house fashion items, funny poles, crossword puzzle, great interviews, and more.

  2. Be sure to tell whoever is interviewed or any writer that the text will most likely get rewritten and shortened. Articles must be targeted for the nonprofessional reader. Make it short and simple as can be but leave it to the editor to spice it up.

  3. Make sure not to include any sensitive company issues. These will be discussed elsewhere.

  4. Send a Word document to your editor and make sure it is compatible with the editor's software.

Images and photography

Collecting images and sending them to the designer (how do you know if the quality is good?)

in-house magazine design

  1. Photos should be sent in jpg format. Always ask for original images.

  2. Typically, your source contacts are not professional photographers. Do not worry. Mobile phones give a good enough quality (for images the size of a quarter or even half a page), but ask them to send the image via e-mail, as an attachment. (No Watts Up! It automatically reduces resolution). In addition, make sure that your own email does not downsize resolution, before sending it to the designer.

  3. Check the image quality. It's very simple: Enlarge the image on your screen until you see one of the portraits in full screen. If it looks good – you can send it over to the designer.

  4. For the use of portrait pictures: a third of a screen height will be good enough.

  5. Have some amateur photographers among your colleagues join as editorial support. Send them out to every event, and interview, and let them manage the scene.

Being a member of the editorial board rewards you by getting to know great people among your colleagues, and getting known by them and your superiors. Enjoy it!

For more questions, please contact Meni 972-507-528444

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