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In-house magazine as a recruitment tool

In-house magazine

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A few years ago, the (then) new HR Director, at Eden Springs * told me that "before my job interview, I examined the in-house magazine. I knew immediately that I wanted to join this company. We will continue to produce the magazine, and use it also as a tool to tell the employees, their families and especially their friends, about this great company".

Here are three tips for improving the organization's internal newspaper, and making it an effective recruitment tool.

Give good feedback and keep your titles interesting, and humorous.

Keep a good atmosphere and transmit positive vibes so people will want to become part of your team.

Ex.: An article about the Greens Officers team members' at Delta.

Write in-house magazine

Emphasize on as many employees as possible.

Show the employees in the workplace or at home, with a smile and cheerful atmosphere.

Here you can see an article about Nilit employees' cuisine preferences around the globe.

כתיבת עיתון פנים ארגוני

Keep the right mix between text and images.

Not less than 50% of the area of ​​the paper should be reserved for images, and about 15% more for titles and quotes.

In this article, a product of Delta, and as you can see, "One image is worth a thousand words".

כתיבת עיתון ארגוני

Today - with the help of the Internet and organic SEO, online employee magazines improve the visibility of the organization, and by doing so - extend the circle of those who want to contribute to your firm!

Next post: Online employee magazines for effective recruiting.

מגזין פנים ארגוני

* Nostalgia: Eden Spring's In-house magazine, around 1999 ...

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