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How to take a terrific picture for your internal magazine

עיתון עובדים מקוון

Tracy, the internal communications manager at a large company, took upon herself the editing of the internal employee's newspaper. Her agility and talent brought the in-house magazine very quickly to a high level of content, but Tracy encountered very low-level images sent to her by various people in the company.

One can have numerous Excuses for bad images, but if you follow these simple instructions, you can bring out wonderful pictures.

Here are some tips on how to create great photos for an organizational magazine.

The pose:

Before you set the camera, talk to the subjects:

Put them in a way that would express the spirit of the team: close to each other, in some activity, but not in line.


Take both landscape and portrait images.

Make the most of the terrain:

  • Is there a statue in the vicinity? Photograph the employees on it, beside it, below it.

  • Are you in nature? Find a rock, let three Stand on it, four sit beside it, and three more hold a tree branch behind it.

  • Are you in an urban setting? Look for a place with an interesting angle.

  • Pets? excellent.

The Background:

  • Avoid noisy backgrounds (a shutter with a strong light, a wall with half torn posters).

  • Keep the subjects away from the wall or vegetation, and thus you will get a soft and smoother background that will highlight the subjects.


Please consider the direction of the sun and shoot the picture when the light is on your side or behind you.

Best Hours:

The best hours - near sunrise or sunset. So light gives softness and high quality for photography.

Image cropping:

Give space on the sides - do not cut legs / shoulders. The designer will cut the pictures as appropriate.

Here are some samples:

Preparing the Camera / Mobile:

Make sure the camera / mobile is set to maximum resolution

How to Send the photo to the editor / designer:

A post will follow soon.

Play with the photos and get cool and amusing corporate communication.

Remember to call me before shooting - so we can get the best result together.

Visit my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

For more on this, please contact Meni


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