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How to send photo's to your internal employee's magazine

The company newsletter is already going out regularly, and you are required to send material to the editors.​​

Here are three main rules for those of us who are not designers or media persons, to help you create a great corporate magazine.

1 Format

The correct image format is JPG.

Send only the source file.

An image inside a Word file is not a source file, and is not good for printing.

2 Size

For those of us who do not understand 'pixels' and 'resolution', here is a simple rule of thumb, to check if the picture you have fits nicely to the employee's newsletter:

Increase the image so that you see a face on the entire screen.

If it looks like the picture on the right - it is OK!

If you see a fuzzy picture, like one on the leftside, it is not good. Look for the source!

3 Sending the image to the editors

Send pictures - only by email!

Also when e-mailing - make sure that there is no structured reduction of the images sent, as there are sometimes in organizations.

Do not forget to specify as much detail as possible.

Be sure to send only the original photo. If you took the picture with a cellular camera, send it only by e-mail. Do not use 'Watts-Up'. It reduces the quality.

Visit my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

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