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Online employee in-house newsletter, as a beneficial recruitment tool!

גיוס עובדים בעזרת עיתון מקוון

Catch your future employee's attention with a well-maintained in-house online magazine.

(Second post)

Sometimes, while creating the next in-house magazine for one of my clients, I get envious! I see the employees spend time rafting, Segway riding and having wild parties. They receive courses and career consulting, professional training, bonuses, and get great lunch at work.

Take all these benefits, and use them to enhance recruitment!

Publish an your in-house employee magazine online!

Skittish about security? Do not know who will read the paper online? Where should you start?

Here are three tips to upgrade the organization's internal newspaper, into an effective recruitment tool.

1. Give your in-house magazine an online presence! Yes, on the Internet!

  • Choose the best application that suits your needs (outsourcing is probably the best way to go).

  • Make sure it is smartphone friendly.

  • SEO (search engine optimization): Reach the potential employees that you are looking for, by formulating proper titles and keywords.

  • Follow traffic and gradually upgrade your online presence.

2. Keep your Company's magazine secure:

עיתון עובדים מאובטח

  • Place the newspaper's website on its own web server, that is set apart from the company's website. Of course, the server itself must be a high security platform.

  • Use "soft" information of what workers want to hear: News about the organization and success story's, new jobs, accomplishments, 'get together' events and more.

  • Create a VIP experience and allow authorized entry, on specific information pages, for employees only.

Writing and editing:

  • Keep the right mix between text and images. There is no problem to put many photos online - but do not overdo it, for ease of browsing.

Shorten the text, stick to the points of interest.

  • Follow your visitors with online registration forms. Send a dedicated newsletter occasionally.

  • Use your online magazine to place job ads.

Do not forget - the main audience are the company's employees. Always make sure to have 'giveaways' to create more interest.

Contact me to see a dedicated demo, and for any question.

For more on this, please contact Meni 972-507-528444

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