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Six tips for writing a great article for your internal magazine

Writing internal magazines

Make an impact on your internal communications! Make sure you engage your employees with well-written articles. After all, you know them best: their challenges, problems and motivation.


Write an engaging title

This is what drags your reader's attention. Try using "Who" "What" "Where" etc., if you need a push.


Image is an absolute necessary!

Give an image no matter what! Don't have a camera handy? Use your mobile.

Give an interesting angle to it. Make sure to present whomever you are interviewing. Aside from the title, this is the most important feature.


Add a significant subtitle.

Give the readers an abstract of the article in a short sentence. They need to know if it is worth their time.


Make sure to enlighten at least one of the following features,

that make the article relevant to the employees:

The time things happen, where it takes place, significant facts, any important outcome, what is interesting in this? What innovation is involved?


Use quotations.

Good quotes will be about an opinion, observation, and any significant fact.


Add a "Call to Action".

"Share…", "Download…", Participate…", "Write to us…" etc.

That's it! Your are ready write your next employee newspaper!

Good Luck!

Contact me with any question.

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