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What is Rihanna doing on the cover of an online newsletter we produce?

עלון אירגוני דיגיטלי

Delta Galil (a global manufacturer and marketer of private label apparel products for men, women and children), opened the Puma flagship store in the Azrieli Mall, Tel-Aviv. Rihanna is the star of Puma's campaign.

At Delta, there is a need to distribute up-to-date information, and empower the employees of the company quickly, so that the information is relevant and fresh.

Not all of the employees have access to the company portal, so messages should be accessible to all employees, all the time, on every platform on the internet.

We are happy to design and produce the Delta-Galil digital newsletter that meets these needs with the following emphasis:

1 Frequency of publishing

An online newsletter should be up-to-date and therefore published every month.

If there is more information, every week will also be excellent for the internal online magazine.

2 Length of text

Less is more - we do not have time! Each newsletter should contain up to 1000 words for 4-5 articles, 150-200 words each. Less is preferable.

Do you want your readers to read the news? Write it short and snappy!

3 It must be Online.

Most of the employees will view the news on their mobile phone, between activities, on the way to the dining room, on the way to a meeting, while waiting in a line, and on the go. Make sure to optimize the online magazine for desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Domain: Select a unique address for your online magazine.

Call me to see the beautiful flow of this newsletter, and learn more about the online employee's magazine.

Go to my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

For more on this, please contact Meni


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