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Beyoncé too, moved from printed news to an online newspaper

online newsletter

Does Beyoncé read the online newsletter we produce for you? Probably not, but the way we consume news has changed dramatically in recent years. Most of us receive news through digital media. In fact, everyone is consuming news on the Internet, and leaving printed magazines. Mobile channels support comments, encourage sharing, and create accessibility for everyone.

Here are four reasons why organizations are moving to an online digital journal.

In addition, four reasons to switch from using your Intra-net platform for news, to an online employee newsletter.

In organizations, printed magazines are an excellent tool to give extensive background stories and to provide something tangible that employees can really touch, but printed magazines have no chance of meeting the rapidly changing requirements of information transfer. In addition, producing quarterly magazine content is often a burden on the internal communication teams of the organization.

Here are four reasons why organizations are moving to an online employee magazine:


Producing a printed magazine can take months. Transferring digital information is easy and simpl.

It is easy to communicate last minute changes.

It is easy to keep up with the latest developments in the company.


Designing an online magazine is less expensive, because it is less complicated.

Pushing news is easy.


It increases the employees' involvement in what is going on in the company, on an ongoing or more frequent basis.

Improving accessibility for all employees:

Mobile internal communications will streamline the flow of internal information to reach everyone at all times, including those who are not physically at work.

An online in-house magazine is there for a must, but many companies took the first step by displaying news on the opening page of their corporate Intra-net platform. The problems are self-evident.

Here are four reasons to switch from using your Intra-net platform for news, to an online employee newsletter.

Intranet news cannot reach people without intranet access and people cannot read them at home, or on the train as they used to with the magazine.

Solution: Activate a mobile-optimized magazine. In addition, you can connect to a newsletter system with ease. For security needs, it is easy to add a password protecting your online employee newsletter, or make the magazine accessible to members (your employees) only. You rarely need this, because companies publish only Non-confidential material on the online internal magazine.

Even if paper can be replaced with an application - what about those employees who do not have a smartphone or do not want to use it for the employee online newsletter?

Solution: If necessary, you can provide a PDF version of any internal organizational newsletter, and print it out when needed. In any case, for most companies, this is not a problem at all.

The printed medium is a useful platform for internal branding.

Solution: The online newsletter is even easier. Ad your logo and use colors in accordance with the company's corporate branding, and easily update it on the fly when necessary.

Fit to any device

Not all intranet sites are compatible with mobile devices.

The solution: An online employees' magazine fits any device, desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

I'll be happy to produce an internal online magazine for you.

Go to my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

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