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Seven tips to turn an internal newsletter into one that employees love to read

עיתון עובדים מקוון

Ella is an internal communications manager at a large company. Ella believes that she must connect the employees to the organization by providing and sharing information. After setting up the company's internal magazine, she saw in frustration the newspapers rolling unwanted in different corners, and decided to change this.

Whether you are a human resources person, an internal media person, or a spokesperson, you have probably encountered a similar challenge.

Read Ella's seven tips to get your employees to love your internal newsletter:

1. Create value and readability

This seems obvious, but not everyone is interested in everything...

Ella has created various news items regarding various issues of the company. By doing so, it reduced the load and created relevant content for different people.

In addition, Ella instructed the editorial staff to create content suitable for all. It is always good to keep the language simple and flowing.

2. Surveys

Ella has created relevant surveys for the in-house magazine, utilizing the knowledge of human resources about the company. Surveys for various decisions in which employees can certainly be involved; and in particular, various investments that are already planned for the benefit of employees: a gift for employees' kids for 1st grade - a nice schoolbag vs. a set of pencils; Employee gift cards vs. breakfast for two; Attendance to the next party – Yes vs. No; And more. People like to express their opinions where their opinions matter.

Of course, she made sure to publish the results in the online newsletter.

3. Trivia Competition

Competition is one of the simplest ways to increase readership. Ella tends to ask questions about the company, or about any detail mentioned in the current issue of the internal newsletter - and reward with prizes!

4. Things You did not Know About (an employee)

People like to read about themselves and their co-workers. Ella has created regular columns in the internal workers magazine, regarding individuals and groups working in the firm. She always ads a "things you did not know about…" section.

5. Do not be afraid of the Internet

In addition to the printed workers' magazine, Ella has created a complementary web newsletter, which she publishes more frequently: short stories, promos for full articles, online surveys, and more. Everything is adapted to the computer and cellular, so anyone can look it up.

There is great fear in many organizations from online exposure. Ella publishes non-confidential information in the employees' internal online newsletter that also promotes the organization's recruitment. She tracks the entries, sees what is relevant and ads links, videos, and lots of color.

Read "How to produce an Internet newspaper for employees" in my Post >>

6. Pictures and videos

Office parties are not the only reason for sharing photos. She builds every item around a picture or video. Over time, the internal magazine contributors will find that there is no point to send an article without an great image or video.

Ask me how to produce great images for your internal newsletter with your mobile phone.

7. Ambassadors

Ella looked for a number of ambassadors who were in charge of spreading the message. They like to write articles, are good with cameras, or encourage others to participate. In addition, she is in constant contact with managers, who understand the importance of encouraging employees to use information from the in-house newsletter.

In conclusion, Ella managed to create collaboration and enthusiasm among the employees. There is always anticipation for the next issue of the internal magazine.

Take advantage of the knowledge we have, so that you too will have a winning internal communication.

Visit my blog for more tips on internal communications, and get back to me with any question. I will be happy to help!

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